The Poor Glasses

The Poor Glasses

Have you ever felt regret from what you have done? Let me share you with a simple true story of mine that just happened about months ago. The story was starting with my lovely glasses that was always with me no matter where I was, in the class, outgoing, enjoy seeing Korean girls as well as Cambodian girls :-P, etc. He, my glasses, sat on my nose in front of my two eyes all the times to make me be able to see something clearer. Although he was useful to me, I felt careless to him; it was really uncomfortable to let him sat on my nose. Each and every time I didn’t need him I just put him anywhere I could, on the desk, in the pocket of my shirt, at the kitchen or even in the bathroom. Whenever I wanted I simply searched for him and let him sat on my nose again just to fulfill my needs. It was not the first time I lost him; I can say that it was countless. When I couldn’t find him I was angry to my stupid behavior and started to blame on myself why I don’t just keep him to the right place or take care of him. Nevertheless, once I found him I did the same as I use to do. One day I lost him again and I started to look for him, yet I still couldn’t find him. Finally, I came to class without him and kept hardly reading the slides of lectures with the blurry view. One week passed by, I still got lectures without him. The eighth day came… it was time for me to have class as usual. I put on the jeans and took a shirt which I hung on the wall for about a week ago. At that time I felt something in the pocket of the shirt. Of course, it was my lovely glasses for which I had been looking for almost a week, but this time I could not have the feeling of regret anymore it was because he was completely destroyed by the washing machine when I put him on my shirt and in turn plunked them into the washing machine to have them washed. At that time I realized that I didn’t need to blame on myself about my dumb behavior by being careless with him anymore; it was too late. That’s it all about my story.


It seems a plain story, yet it is meaningful to the real life. I wrote this story for the purpose of showing to those who have love, lovely family, or everything which is belonged to them. Please take care of those valuables instead of getting hurt or feeling regret after those precious ones are no longer belong to you or have gone at the end.

The End


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